Gallery of Root Canals

 When a tooth is infected the disease can leak outside the canal system through portals of exit and create holes in the bone.  These are called lesions of endodontic origin (LEO or an “abscess”).   The goal of endodontics is to cleanse the entire canal system and shape it in a manner which facilitates its 3-dimensional filling, so all portals of exit are sealed.  Our gallery of cases shows some examples of how predictable the healing can be when these objectives are attained.  Note in most cases the image on the left was taken the day Dr. Marshall’s treatment was completed (it might be the pretreatment image or the “final” image) and the image on the right is a recall picture taken any where from a few to several months later, to check the healing (yes, if the problem is solved the bone has the capacity to actually regrow and fill in the hole!).  In cases when a patient came to us with an old, failing root canal, you will see the before and after Dr. Marshall provided the retreatment (the recall image when possible).



 cynthia Lpre
 cynthia Lff
 donald fpre
 donald f-2yr.recall
 Robert B18pre

Robert B18-18mo.recall

 diane s13ff
 diane s14pre
 kala k24pre
 kala k24-6mo.recall
richard l3ff
 richard l3-1yr (1)
 linda e20pre
 linda e20-1yr.recall
 debbie m4ff


 marion p7pre
 marion p7-1yr.recall
 susan c13ff
 susan c13-7mo.recall
deb b14ff
 deb b14-1yr.recall